It’s not often that one has the opportunity to say they were inspired by the government in Iraq. But I guess I finally get my chance after taking the summer off from blog postings. Now I imagine some of you were saying, “I am out here doing all this work to keep the communication industry in business and there’s Nova Newcomer taking the summer off from blogging as if we aren’t relying on her for her genius!” Or something like that. And I said “imagine” and “some,” so I am off the hook for those who didn’t notice my absence!

The good news is that when I take time off, I come back with a vengeance. The kind folks at Ragan have again provided me a chance to impart my theories on the intranet to unsuspecting communicators. So, if you have some continuing education budget left, sign up for the Communications Roundup hosted by Southwest Airlines and Ragan.

My session is titled, “Remake your corporate intranet to match the power of the Web.” In the session, you will:

  • Learn how today’s Internet advances can transform your intranet into a critical business tool
  • Discover creative uses of web technology that deliver the information and experience your employees need
  • Find how to bridge the gap between your intranet today and what Generation Y employees will expect tomorrow
  • Get a glimpse into the future of intranets
  • Apply online tools to real communication challenges
  • Make the case internally for the intranet of the future

Hope to see you there!