As I wrangle my way through launching Chatter Mill, I have been thinking a lot about how Blue Hill Solutions can contribute to the future of the employee workplace. The more I think about it the word “workplace” is part of the issue — “workspace” seems more appropriate. More and more, people are working from home or remotely. And that trend will continue as the traditional top-down corporate structures are further flattened by access to information and technology.

But companies don’t need to fear those days — they need to adapt to them. Web 2.0 is the near standard on the internet and it’s slowly edging its way into internal communication strategies as well. But no one has really put the whole package together. I am interested in what people think are the key headaches when it comes to your every day work tasks? Is it getting good up-to-date information? Is it finding the right people in the company? Is it understanding certain operating procedures and processes? Is it knowledge management in the ever-revolving door of today’s corporate careers?

What do we need to create a workspace for the future? The generation that has never used a typewriter is coming soon to an office near you.