I will be speaking at the 2007 New Communications Forum & Expo taking place March 7-9 in Las Vegas. My session description is below. Learn more about the conference or register.

Kill the Water Cooler: An experience in electronic Town Halls

Confidentiality is a core concern for corporations, so much so that executives often keep critical information from employees to protect it. Everyone knows the scenario. A department is being reorganized, but it’s not yet time to announce it. Still the rumors are out there. The buzz starts at the water cooler and creeps around hallways, lunch tables and appears in whispered tones in cubicles. Misinformation, paranoia and fear are all benefactors of the rumor mill, while facts and real decisions are left for the official announcement. Learn how to kill the water cooler and free your information in this informative hands-on demonstration of an electronic town hall.

==> See the town hall tool in action in a live demonstration
==> Embrace the idea of anonymity to solicit frank feedback from employees
==> Learn how to coach executives to answer employee questions right the first time, so that they don’t have to ask it again
==> Sustain the town hall tool through criticism
==> Sell it to even the most skeptical executive

Nova Newcomer is a freelance communication consultant who helps companies develop internal communication strategy and deploy communication tools for employees. Nova helped a multi-billion dollar global business launch and support an electronic town hall that is still going strong almost five years later. http://www.novanewcomer.com