No, this is not a reference to a no longer relevant early 90s R&B group (good song, though), nor is it a nod to that famous line in Field of Dreams (good movie, too). Rather, it is my philosophy when it comes to internal communication. In my experience, many executives and managers spend too much time worrying about what not to communicate, while the corporate masses are so desperate for information, leaking information is the last thing on their mind. So, terminally, we find ourselves in a situation where management, doing what they think is their best to protect the company, are unkowingly doing their best to keep vital information from employees.

Having spent the last 5 years as a communicator in a corporate environment, learning the ins and outs of working within a global organization, I decided last spring that more people needed to experience the words, “free your information”. And I say experience, because it’s all about action. When employees start understanding the whole picture, your company’s greatest asset moves into high gear. I am excited to share more of my ideas about internal communication and would appreciate anyone who wants to add to the discussion. So, post a comment or send me a mail. In the meantime, start talking about what information needs to be free.